Welcome to the Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine
Virgin Valley, Nevada

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine is located in Northwest Nevada, approximately 135 miles from Winnemucca, Nevada, and approximately 100 miles from Lakeview, OR. The closest town is Denio, NV, which is 35 miles away. Denio Junction is in the process of putting in new fuel tanks, and will hopefully have fuel this season. If you need to check on fuel availability their phone number is (775) 941-0171. We recommend that you fill up in either Lakeview or Winnemucca on your way out to the mine. All roads to the mine are blacktop, except for the last 7.5 miles, which are gravel and dirt. During wet weather, the last couple of miles is very bad, and should not be attempted, (looking for opal in wet or very overcast weather is not good anyway). If you need information about weather conditions etc., take the weather service link at right or please feel free to give us a call.

There is no overnight camping available at Rainbow Ridge.Take link at right for lodging and accommodations in the area. Trailers should be left at the CCC camp, which is 5 miles before you get to the mine. Take the link at right to view or print a map of the area.

The opals from Rainbow Ridge are casts after wood, and are some of the most beautiful opals in the world. We offer tailings digging where many different wood and opal combinations may be found. The tailings are up to eight feet deep. We turn the tailings from time to time, and are constantly adding to the tailings from the virgin ground loads. The virgin ground loads are materials taken from the bank with the loader, and are worked on a flattened area near where you park. Everything you find, regardless of value, is yours to keep. Although luck plays a part in finding opals, an "educated" eye is very helpful. First timers will be given some help in getting them started.

2016 Season Information:
Opening Date: Friday, May 27th through
Last Digging Day:
Sunday, September 18th.

Please Note: We are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the 2016 season.

Reservations for the virgin ground loads will be accepted by phone only, NO EMAIL RESERVATIONS, begining April 15th thru the last day of the season.

Please call: (775) 941-0270 (Summer) or (541) 312-2679 (Winter) to make a reservation.

Virgin Ground Load Fee this season is $600.00, and will admit either one or two adults.

Tailing Fee is $100.00 per person per day, and children10-15 are still half price.

Small pick (sharp, single hand)
Small garden rake
Small shovel or trowel
Spray bottle with water for cleaning off dirt
Buckets (5 gallon) for collecting specimens, plus an extra one for a seat
Sun block, hat, and gloves

Come visit our rock shop; we have lots of beautiful opal for sale, as well as fossils, minerals, and jewelry. We have digging tools and buckets for sale, too.

We look forward to seeing you at Rainbow Ridge.

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